Re-Telling story about Gam Cantoi and His wife

One day, there is a man named Gam Cantoi. He is walking with his wife in the park, looking for scenery and fresh air in the morning. They arrived at the place that have a banner it said " the area that every muslimah must put on vail ". Beside that banner, there are two girl that stand near the river bank and looking for the lake scenery, but the two girl with long black hair didn't use vail. So, Gam Cantoi and his wife decided to warning them. Suddenly, when they notice that there is someone talk to them , they turn back until Gam Cantoi and his wife can see their face. But, before Gam Cantoi and his wife warning them, Gam Cantoi and his wife really shock when they see that the two people that they think girls in the reality is two men with long hair and beard. Gam Cantoi and his wife decided to run without warning them.


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