Why I love K-Pop

Why I Love K-Pop

K-Pop also known as Korean Pop is a music genre that originating in South Korea. Right now, K-pop is very famous among teenagers and young adults all over the world, especially in Indonesia, We can find that many of K-Pop fans around Indonesia, We can see from how anthusiatic Indonesian's teenagers when some of K-pop group do their concert in Indonesia.

I love K-Pop since 2009. Before that I don't know about K-Pop at all, but one of my friend know about K-Pop well and She is one of K-Pop fans. At that time I was looking for some photos in my friend's galery but I found one photo that make me interested, that was a photo of Yesung Super Junior in Mr.Simple era, suddenly I asked my friend the name of that men, my friend told me that was boy group called Super Junior. After that, I started to looking for Super Junior and know what???   I felt in love with that group and also with K-Pop.

It's been 8 years since I love K-Pop from the first time and until now K-Pop always make me fall fall and fall in love. Until 2017, there are so many girl or boy group that debut in Korean music industry, such as Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee, EXO, BTS, NCT and many more. Of coursely all of that group have really interested song that we can listen.

I have some reason why I fall in love with K-Pop, but I will give the top 3 reason why I love K-Pop. Firstly, of course because they appearance, almost all of Korean Girl or Boy group have really good looking like Siwon of Super Junior, Oh Sehun of EXO and Jeon Jungkook of BTS. They have really good face posture. But, not just it that make me fall in love with K-Pop.

The second is their song lyrics and the rhythm of the song . There are lot of K-Pop havereally meaningfull song lyrics, especially Ballad song. Maybe for some people that not know about korean music well did not understand what the meaning of their song, but if we look carefully and search for the meaning of the song we can find that their song all of it have really deep meaning, try to listen it, I am sure you will love it!!!. The rhythm also be one of my reason, in every song of K-Pop have a rhythm that make me feel like ' I want dance to this song' that what I think what I listen to K-pop. The rhythm is also fresh and easy to catching.

the last is of coursely the MV ( Music Video) of the song. The interesting thing that we will find in K-Pop is the MV of the song. I love the way they make the MV for the song, its feel like the MV is really suit with the album title. Its really interesting to watch the MV because we can find lot interesting part of the music.

You must try to watch and listen K-Pop Right now!!!



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