World of My Bias Part 2

MY BIAS Part 2
              1. Teen Top

                          Chunji, born in Gwangju, October  05, 1993. He is handsome and i think cute, he has really natural asian looking.


       Changjo, born in Chuncheon, November  16, 1995. He is handsome and has beautiful voice.


            2. Infinite

      L, born in Seoul, March 13, 1992. I love L because his handsome face and sharp eyes that look so beautiful and don’t forget the dimples.


          3. C-Clown

                      T.K, born in South Korea, December  20, 1995. His deep voice is really nice to hear, also a handsome is  a plus value to him.
Ray, born in South Korea, April 19, 1994. He is cute, handsome and charming.
            4. NUEST

Aron, Born in Los Angeles, USA, May  21, 1993. He is handsome !!!!

Minhyun, born in Busan, August 09, 1995. Cute, handsome and charming at the same time.

         5. BtoB

       Minhyuk, born in Seoul, November  29, 1990. Minhyuk is handsome and cute. He has deep voice and he is a great rapper.


       Peniel, born in Chichago, March 10, 1993. He is cute!!!!

          6. Highlight

       Dongwoon, born in Seoul, June 06, 1991. His voice is sweet. He is handsome and cute too.
7. Block B

    Jaehyo, born in Busan, December 23, 1990. Jaehyo is handsome and has good looking face.

           8. CNBLUE

   Yonghwa, born in Seoul, June 22, 1989. Yonghwa has nice smile and handsome face.

    Minhyuk, born in Ilsan, June  28, 1991. Minhyuk is cute for me. But sometimes he look so handsome too.

 Jonghyun, born in Busan, May 15, 1990. Jonghyun has sweet and romantic voice. He is handsome too. 

           9. F.T.ISLAND

       Hongki, born in Seoul, March 02, 1990. Hongki is a funny, cute and handsome. Many people says that he look like Mir of MBLAQ.

          10. B1A4

     Sandeul, born in Busan, March 20, 1992. Sandeul has a beautiful voice, he is cute and many people says that he look like Sungmin of Super Junior. I love his smile too.

     Jinyoung, born in Chungju, November 18, 1991. Jinyoung is really multitalented. I love his voice and handsome face.
       11. NCT 
      Jaehyun, born in Seoul, February 14, 1997. Jaehyun has a dimples that I love, his smile and handsome face. But to me Jaehyun look cute too!!!


     Johnny, born in Chichago, USA, February 09, 1995. His too handsome and his deep voice is really great.

                  Renjun, born in Jilin, China, March 23, 2000. His teeth is cute. He is handsome and cute at the same time. A dimples too.

                   Jeno, born in Seoul, April 23, 2000. Jeno is the twins of Donghae Super Junior many people said it. Jeno is handsome !!!!


                  Yuta, born in Osaka, Japan, October 26, 1995. Yuta is just handsome!!!


                Taeil, born in Seoul, June 14, 1994. Believe me Taeil is really funny and innocent. He is too cute and handsome.


         12. Monsta X

      I.M., born in Gwangju, January 26, 1996. He is handsome and cute. I love the way he rapping.

 Hyungwon, born in Gwangju, January 15, 1994. He is cute and handsome.

    13.   IKON
            B.I, born in Goyang, October 22, 1996. B.I is handsome but cute. Hehehehe

           Junhoe, born in South Korea, March 31 1997. The same liners with me. He is handsome and i love his voice so much.


             From all of my bias, you can see that I love just around maknae, vocalist, leader and rapper and dancer. But mostly I love vocalist. I don’t know why, maybe because voice is the first interest when we heard  a song that way almost all of my bias is a vocalist.


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