Hanbok is a Korean traditional clothing. Hanbok usually use when formal or semi-formal in celebration or traditional festival. Hanbok is currently use by Korean people when Joseon dynasty. Thats way Hanbok is called ‘ Joseon dynasty style’.

                Hanbok has 3 elements, first jeogari or cloth, second is baji or pants, third is chima or skirt. There also a children hanbok that separated into 2 or 3 part and can easily wear. Children hanbok usually wear once or twice a yea for Chuseok celebration or Imlek (Seollal) or when first brithday party (doljanchi).

                Hanbok has many kind that use accordance with caste or ongoing events.

             First, Hwal Ot, this is a complete Hanbok that wear by a crown princess or a princess of the cocubine, formal clothing for nobility and bride clothing in Joseon and Goryeo dynasty.

                Second, Wonsam, that wear by noble lady that has been married when Joseon dynasty for attended formal celebration. Its decided into several colours. Yellow is wear by Empress, red for Queen, Purple with Red for Princess and Princess of the cocubine and a girl from noble family use green.


                Third is Dongui, this hanbok wear by queen, princess or wife from a high government officials for big ceremony. Emperor use red dangui, purple for queen and other use green.

                Fourth, Myeonbok, is a religious ceremony clothing and formal clothing for king. There is Myeonru-gwan and Gujang-bok that symbolized the king.


                Fifth, Jeokui, same as king, a queen also have religious ceremony clothing. Empress wear jeokui with purple-red colour, queen wear pink and crown princess wear blue jeokui.


                Sixth is Changot, other hanbok that use in Joseon dynasty.

              Seventh, Hakjangui is a hanbok that wear by scholars in Goryeo-Joseon dynasty.


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