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World of My Bias Part 2




World of My BIAS

MY BIAS Part 1
                Every K-Pop Fans of coursely have a bias in a group besides they real fandom. I also have some bias in several group. Now... lets we meet with my bias maybe we have same bias thoo...

1.Super Junior
                  Actually this my favorite K-Pop Idol. I’m a fans of Super Junior (SuJu). And the reality is I can’t choose one of them to be my bias because I love all of them, from the leader till maknae.  I love all of them. The reason why I love all of them not just because their visual but also their ability and skills. Super Junior is a complete group that has a members with variation of skills they have. Now lets meet my bias in Super Junior
                   First, the leader, Leeteuk. Born in Seoul, July  01, 1983. The reason why I love him of coursely because he is the best and great leader in Super Junior. Actually the dimples in his face that make me like him.
                   Then, Heechul. Born in Hoengseong-Gangwondo, July 10, 1983. Heechul …