Schools In South Korea

There are several schools and university that really famous in South Korea and many of their graduates is a Kpop Idol. Now, lets take a look.

 1.  Anyang Art High School

                Anyang Art High School is known as a school without know cost. Everyone can go to  school here, including students who can not afford. If they have good achievement, they will be accepted in this school. 

              This is the school where Junhyung (BEAST), Rain, Se7en and many more Korean artist have learned.

             Anyang Art High School not just a High School but from Elementary School until University. Anyang Art High School located in Anyang Gyeonggo-do. This school is the first and famous school in Gyeonggo district.

      2.  Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts 

                 Located in Samjukmyeon city, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. This university is specialization in Proffesional Training in Design, Media and Production Major. This university suit for people who want to take broadcasting major.

              Changmin (2AM) and Yang Yoseob (BEAST) is the graduates from Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts.

        3. Kyunghee Cyber University

                Kyunghee Cyber University is a part of Kyunghee University. Kyunghee Cyber University is an University that provide learning system through online for their students. So the students not have to always come to the campus.

               Korean artist that already learned in Kyunghee Cyber University among others, Yoon Eun Hye, Doo Joon (BEAST) and Kyuhyun (Super Junior).

        4. SOPA (School of Performing Arts Seoul)

               School of Performing Arts Seoul known as SOPA is an arts high school that located in Gung-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea. SOPA has total six departments among others, Performing Arts, Broadcast, Communication, Arts, Fine Arts.
                 There are a lot of Korean artist that graduated from SOPA like, Sehun and Kai (EXO), Suzy (Miss A), Kwangmin and Youngmin (Boyfriend), Zelo (B.A.P), Namjoo and Naeun (Apink), Taemin (SHINee), Hyeri (Girls Day), Jaehyun (NCT), Jungkook (BTS) and many more.

                 This school is really big and wide. SOPA including the elite school in Seoul, can be seen from the completeness of the facilities that provided for their students.


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