Top 5 Korean Brand Cosmetics

If in my last post I have already share about beautiful place that we can visit in South Korea, now I will share still about Korean beautiful. Not just an ordinary beautiful, this is the secret behind Korean beautiful people, here we go.... Top 5 Korean Brand Cosmetics. 

Not just known because their  fashion and make up but Korean is also known for their best cosmetic product. Right here, I will share Korean famous Brand Cosmetics.

         1. Etude House

        Etude House is a Korean Brand Cosmetic that really famous all over the world. Etude House has 4 basic concept which is “ best quality, best price, beautiful design and kind of interesting colours “. 

        Their mission is make a women to be beautiful through the attractive cosmetics product and friendly counseling. Until now, Etude House has been build in 11 country such as, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Fhilipine, Taiwan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malayasia, Brunei Darussalam and Hongkong.

         2. Nature Republic

         Nature Republic using EXO (Korean Boyband) to be their Brand Ambassador, this make many teenagers interest with their cosmetics product. The product that really famous from Nature Republic is “Aloe Vera Smoothing Gel”.

        This Product have many benefits. This gel can be use as a masks, reducing eye bugs and also hair mask. A lot of girl use this gel for their beauty and its really like by many people. 

         3. Laneige
       Use Song Hye Gyo as their Brand Ambassador, Laneige is a Korean Brand Cosmetic that famous too in South Korea. Not just in Korea but also in Indonesia.
       One of their product is “ Laneige Water Sleeping Mask”. This product really love by people in Indonesia , make your face more soft and bright with Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.

         4. Innisfree

                Innisfree is a Korean Brand Cosmetic that take Yoona of SNSD as their Brand Ambassador. Innisfree is a brand cosmetic that care about environment. This company helped to reduce chemical waste and use environmentally friendly packaging, so the price is cheaper but save to use.

         5. The Face Shop

            The Face Shop is a Korean Manufacturer of Cosmetics. Subsidiary from LG Household & Health Care from LG Coorporation. Their product is contains, body, bath, skin care and make up for boy and girl.
            Using Bae Suzy as their Brand Ambassador , The Face Shop want to show to a people through the illustrates of Bae Suzy, a beautiful and good personality and hope many people interest to use their product.

                That is the Top 5 Korean Brand Cosmetics ....we must try to use the product if we want get a beautiful skin like Korean artist .... see you in next post!! Annyeongggggggg


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