Reccommended South Korea Food Place

Reccommended South Korea Food Place

Which people didn’t love food???

Everyone love food, me too. Food is one of visitor destination when they visited a country. In South Korea there are so many kind of food place that visitor can visit and of coursely we can find it everywhere.

Now, lets check this out!!!!

 1.       Myeongdong Gyoja

               This restaurant is maybe created for noodles lovers, who love to eat noodle must visit this place. This the famous noodles restaurant in Seoul. They have ginger kimchi that hot and spicy. They served Gyoja (Dumplings), Calguksu (Noodles), Konguksu ( Soy Milk Noodle Soup). Hmmm ... tasty!!!

2.       Mok Schwei Don Na 

               This is a place where to eat tteokbeokki, located in Samcheongdong. The meaning of the restaurant name is “ eat, enjoy, pay and go”. Tteokbeokki in this place really famous because the sauce is really delicious and hot. Yaw ... suit for people who love spicy food, hmmm ... I will try it if I visit South Korea....

 3.       BIFF Street Food in Busan

                 Busan is really famous with their street food, there are a lot of street food that we can find in Busan. Many street food that we can eat in Busan such as like, tteokbeokki (Spicy Rice Cake), Eomuk (Fish Cake), Kkul-dak ( spicy stir-fried chicken), chesnut and Ice Cream. The famous one is Ssiat Hotteok (Korean pancake with assorted seeds). This is also a favorite of K-Pop artist if they visited Busan.

 4.       Spicy Fish Soup Mulgogi Sesang

            After going to Busan and Seoul, now we go to Jeju Island .... yap one of South Korea beautiful island, Jeju-do. This is a favorite place for Jeju citizens. This place is suit with people who love both soup and spicy food.

5.       Nahyeon Seok Haemul Khalguksi in Gangnam (Seafood Noodles Soup)

               This place is located in Gangnam, for people who loves to eat seafood can visit this place. Usually this place is really crowded when work break time. The place is really clean and comfortable. Anyway this place is suit for seafood lovers.

                 South Korea is absolutely a heaven for food hunters. Many kind foods we can find there. And I really reccommended you to visit South Korea and taste the food!!!


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