K-Street Food

K-Street Food

South Korea is known as a country that have a lot of street food. There are so many kind of street food that sell in South Korea. And its really tasty. I will give some reccommended street food that you have to taste.

Here we go!!!

           1. Tteokbeokki

              Tteokbeokki is one of street food that really famous in South Korea. Tteokbeokki is known as spicy rice cake that made from boiled rice cake that slices and served with spicy sauce that already seasoned. Other ingridients that use in tteokbeokki like boled eggs and fish cake. Hmmm... Yummmyyyyyy

         2. Odeng (Eomuk)

            Odeng (Eomuk) or known as fish cake is one of populer street food too in South Korea. Odeng is made from smoothed fish that blend with wheat flour and seasonings. The batters is formed and then stabbed, boiled in vegetable broth (radish or seaweed) that has been seasoned.

              Odeng has many kind of shape, such as like sausage shape, flat stabbed, small round and etc. Odeng is really tasty when it still hot. It served with sauce or dipped with sauce.

        3. Hot Bar

              Hot bar (Hat Baa) is Odeng’s twin. The different is hot bar is fried and have many variations. There is made from odeng batters, there also filled with rice cake and sausage / hot dog. Usually hot bar is served with tomato sauce and mustard or with tteokbeokki sauce

         4. Hot Dog/Tokkebi Hot Dog

              Hot Dog/Tokkebi Hot Dog was sell in many kind of variations, but still stabbed. There is fried sausage and also there sausage with rice cake filled. Also there’s corn dog, sausage/hot dog that made from blended corn flour.

             Tokkebi Hot Dog is a mix between corn dog with french fries. Tokkebi Hot Dog is served with tomato sauce or mustard.

         5. Bungeoppang

            Bungeoppang or bongeobbang is a small cake that looked like fish that have many kind of filled like pasta, chesnut, chocholate, red beans, sweet potatoes and many more. Bungeoppang is really populer in South Korea and it said that this food bring a luck to people who eat it.

          6. Delimanjoo

           Same as Bungeoppang but delimanjoo filled with custard cream (milk,eggs and sugar) or cheese fla.

         7. Hotteok

              Hotteok is Korean pancake that made from pancake batters that filled with chocholate sugar, honey, milled beans or grains. Hotteok has sweet taste.

         8. Hweori Gamja

           Hweori Gamja is Korean food that is stabbed potato chips that shapped like long spiral. Hweori Gamja is served with seasoning (cheese, onion or spicy). There are also tornado potato with sausage.

       9. Jipangyi Ice Cream

             Not like usual ice cream, Jipangyi ice cream filled in a bread that shapped like hollowed stick. Jipangyi ice cream really famous in Insadong.


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