Reccommended K-Pop Songs Part 3

Here is the last but not least part of Reccommended K-Pop Songs.

Let’s check out!!!

        1. IKON – Apology (2015)

             This song tells about a men that feel sorry because he can not be a good boyfriend in his relationship. The sorrowfull rythym make me feel sad when I heard this song. Nice, very nice lyrics that suit together with the rythym. 

        2. IKON – Airplane (2015)

                Still from the same group, Airplane is a song that easy listening. This song like tell us not to late to speak up our feeling to someone that we love, because when someone is go from our life and we don’t know when the chance come again. So, for you who want to say that you love someone, it  must be better to say it soon, because we don’t know in the future will be a chance or not!!!

          3. Cho Kyuhyun – Good Bye For Now (2017)

              The song that dedicated for all of ELF and SparKyu before Kyuhyun is enlist for his military service. The reality is I cry when I heard this song in the day when Kyuhyun have to enlist for military service. I can feel how he feel when singing this song. I think its really romantic song ever!!!

       4. Yesung – Here I Am (2016)

                One of singer with beautiful voice Yesung of Super Junior . Here I Am is a really beautiful song that make us know how the feeling of broken heart, what we feel after we broke up but we still want him/her in our life. Not just me that fall deep to this song but I think Yesung is also fall deep in this song. Its really beautiful song and lyrics.


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