Muslim Area in South Korea

                Itaewon be a place that famous with islamic spots. Itaewon is a district in Seoul that have a characteristics of foreign culture Korea. In this place we can find many stores that sell clothes and accessories or international restaurant and bar.

                There is Islamic street and Seoul Central Mosque in Itaewon. If we visit Itaewon, we can easily find halal food and a mosque. Seoul Central Mosque is located in Itaewon, this is a Korean Mosque center. And also Islamic street that sell many kind halal food in this area.

                The way to find Islamic street is easy, Itaewon station (Subway Line 6) Exit 3, walk straight and turn right down the first side street, turn down the 3rd side street to your left (Usadan-ro 10gil). You will find “Islamic Street”.

                Seoul Central Mosque is a center from 10 mosques in Korea. This mosque is open in 1976, for promote the relationship between Korea and Islamic countries and to introduce Islamic culture in Korea. A festival also held in this mosque every years in Ramadhan month.

                There also several halal restaurant here like, SALAM, WAZWAN, Taj Palace, Mr.Kebab Itaewon. The stores around Islamic street like, National Food Mart, Halal Meat Shop, Step In and also Salam Bakery. 

                So, for we who want to visit South Korea, we not need to be worry, we can visit Itaewon to pray and enjoy the Islamic life in Seoul, South Korea through Itaewon.


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