The King of Herbal, Korean Ginseng

                                                              Korean Ginseng

              Red ginger is a famous ginseng in South Korea. Thats way South Korea is called as “Ginseng Country”. In Korean ginseng called “insam”. There two kind of Korean Ginseng.                                                               

                Sansam is a wild ginger that we can find in mountain area, while insam is a red ginger that is planted in a garden. The red ginger is really have many benefits. That way red ginger is called “ King of Herbal”.

                The red ginger is trust able to maintain endurance and increase stamina, prevent cancer, diabetes , heart function, high blood, digestion, stress, memory and also for children growth, help fertility, immunization and anti aging. Almost all of Korean cosmetics use Korean ginger.

                One of the biggest market that sell Korean ginger is Geumsan market, the market that sell Korean ginger. This market also the biggest herbal market in South Korea.


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