Banchan, Korean Side Dish


                Banchan is a Korean side dish. Banchan has many kind that served in a small plates. The most famous form of Banchan is Kimchi. Banchan is served in small portions for one meal. Banchan has many kind depending on the party that held. 

                There is Kimchi, a fermented vegetables. Baechu Kimchi is a really famous kimchi. There are Nabak Kimchi (Chinese cabbage and Korean radish kimchi), Dongchimi ( vegetables kimchi without chili), Geotjeori (Chinese cabbage kimchi that not fermented yet), Ggakduji (Korean radish that slices like cubes and seasoned with chili), Oi Sobak-I ( cucumber kimchi with chili and leek), Chonggak kimchi ( Korean small radish kimchi that seasoned with chili).

                Namul, vegetables that stir fried or soaked with seasonings like sesame oil, salt, vinegar, garlic, leek, chili powder or salty soy sauce. Kongnamul ( bean sprouts in sesame oil), Sigeumchi-namul (Spinacia in sesame oil, garlic and salty soy sauce), Miyeok-muchim (seaweed or wakame with vinegar, sugar and salt), Mu-Saengchae/Mu-chae (pickled radish that slices into a pieces with vinegar, sugar, salt and chili), Gosari Namul (stir-fry shoots fens).

                And then Jorim (food that cooked with sauce). There is Dubu-Jorim ( Tofu that stir-fried with sauce that mix with salty soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic and leek), Jong-jorim (beef that cooked with salty soy sauce and boiled eggs).

                Jjim, the steamed dish. There is Gyeran-jjim (eggs that steamed with seasonings).
                Jeon ( a kind of food that fried in a pan). There are Pajeon (pancake filled with leek and can make without wheat flour just eggs and leek), Kimchi Jeon (pancake with kimchi), Gamja Jeon (potatoes pancake), Saenseon Jeon (pieces of fried fish wrapped in eggs whisk), Donggeurong Haeng (Mixes cake(perkedel) with tofu, beef and vegetables).

                The other Banchan is Japchae (stir-fry vegetables stirred with vermicelli).


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