Reccommended Kpop Songs Part 1

Reccommended Kpop Songs Part 1

                In this time, I would like to introduce you to Kpop Songs that I love. Almost all of Kpop songs have beautiful lyrics, beat and also music. And now I really want to share some Kpop songs that make me fall in love with Kpop Songs.

1.       Super Junior – Hate U Love U (2007)

               Beautiful voice, beautiful rythym and beautiful lyrics is one complete song from Super Junior. This song has really deep meaning. We can find it by the meaning of the lyrics. ‘ Hate U Love U’ tells about how a men feel when he lose his love and the reality that his love is happy with her new life. And this men cannot fall in love with another girl. This show how  hate and also love that someone feel at the same time. I love listen to this song and be sure you listen it.

2.       Yoon Mirae – I’ll Listen To What You Have To Say (2015)

             This song is an OST for KBS Drama Who Are You: School 2105. I reccommended this song because this song really meaningfull. By listen it we will know that we are not alone, this song created to people who feel lonely in his life but the reality is we are not alone. Thats what this song want us to know, that we are not alone. We have people that always support us. For me, I always listen to this song when I feel sad and like a miracle this song make me gain my strenght. So, if you feel sad or down, try to listen to this song and feel the meaning of the lyrics.

3.       Taeyeon (SNSD) – Fine (2017)

              Taeyeon has a beautiful voice. She is one of Korean singer that has many great songs. Released her own album. This song make 2017 more bright. Nice rythym and nice lyrics. It tells about a girl that is not ready to break up with her boyfriend. She says everything will fine but the reality its not fine. Nice song that you can hear if you feel sad with your relationship.

              This song teach me something, sometimes when we lie to cover our feel and think that everything will okay with our silent, but its not fine at all. We just have to said it to the person that we want him/her to hear that.

4.       EXO CBX – For You (2016)

              We can hear Baekhyun, Chen and Xiumin great voice on this song. Being an OST for KBS Drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. This song make me fall in love from the first time I hear this song. The rythym of this song also easy listening and make me fall deep for this song. Tell about a fight from a men to wait for his love. This song suit for boy who want to show how much he love his girlfriend. I love Baekhyun part so much, but all the lyrics is really nice and beautiful.

5.       Baek Ah Yeon – A Lot Like Love (2016)

             Still from the same Drama. This song is about a girl that want to make the boy understand that what his feel is love. The sweet voice from Baek Ah Yeon make this song more beautiful. Maybe we can try to listen to this song to make the boy who we love realize their feeling. :)


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