Moving House Tradition In South Korea

                Moving House Tradition is a tradition that usually a new married couple do not just a married couple but also someone who will move into new house. In Indonesia this tradition called ‘Selamatan or Syukuran’.

 But not just in Indonesia, in Korea there also a moving house tradition . Of coursely this tradition is different with Indonesian’s tradition.

                In South Korea, mostly this tradition do by the new couple that has been married to move to their new house. 

                This tradition called “Jibdeuril”. In this tradition, there  is a small party. That the house owner have to cook and then invited their families, friends and their neighbour to their house to eat together. 

                Korean people have their own tradition when they are invited to moving house party. They always bring a give to the house owner. Usually the gift that they bring are, toilet paper, detergent soap and matches.

                But all this item have the meaning.  Toilet paper, Korean people assuming that toilet paper is symbolizes everything that the house owner wanted will run smoothly, because toilet paper  is easy to soluble in water. 

                Detergent soap, this symbolizes the house owner will get abundant sustenance like detergent foam. 

                Matches, this item is giving to the house owner because, this item has the meaning that every Korean people wanted. This symbolizes that the house owner will be rich as fast as fire.

                That all the moving house tradition in South Korea. Its really different from Indonesia tradition. Usually in Indonesia the gift that guest will bring such as like, sugar, tea, biscuit, cake or sometimes money, but Korean people has different variation of gift and that really nice to know it.

                So for people who want to moving house in Korea you have to do that!!!!


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