Korean Culture

Korean Culture

                   Korea has many culture that we can take as a sample in our daily life. Theres a lot of good culture that we can take from them. Here, I will give you some of Korean Culture.
Here we go!!!!

1.     Bow your body when meet someone. Not just in Korea but also in China and Japan. Their really uphold this culture. Its show your respectfull to people that you meet. In this habit is teach from they still a kid. Not just with family but a bow have to do with other people outside house.

2.     Married culture in Korea. A husband is the main center of his family and required to work. A wife can go to work if she get a permission from her husband. Married culture in Korea is really uphold alligiance. Widows or widowers is not marry again after their wife or husband dies.

3.     In Korea there is one food that have meaning that didn’t have by others foods. This food is kimchi.

4.    There is one tradition that famous in Korea its called “ Custom Session”. This tradition is held once a year. Session is a tradition for acseleration rythym from life circle untill someone can go forward in life circle in the next year.

5.   Korean people love to be honest. They usually said that they like or dislike something straight to the people they want.

6.    The habit when they eat is, they will wait for oldest people to come first and after that they will eat if the oldest people has been started to eat.

7.    The back of the phone number in Korea is commonly symbolized the profession or job that do by the phone number owner.

8.     Usually Korean people eat directly from the plate or pan.

9.    When they do have appointment, they not pick up their friends but wait in the place that be their destination.

10.   When take a photo, Korean people will say “Kimchi” more than “Cheese”

          That is several Korean culture that we can take as a sample. Hope You can enjoy my post this time. See you again!!!!! :) :)


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