5 Reccommended Korean Food


                South Korea is really famous right now, people over the world right now not just know about K-Pop or K-Drama but also K-Food. There are a lot of Korean food that have really delicious taste. Below this, I would like to reccommended to you 5 Korean food that really famous among K-lovers and be sure you taste it!!!

         1. Kimchi

  Kimchi is a Korean traditional food that made by vegetables that fermented. Usually made by Chinese cabbage, Korean radish or cucumber but mostly use to make kimchi is Chinese cabbage (napa cabbage) and Korean radish. The seasonings that use to make kimchi such as chili powder, scallions, garlic, ginger ang jeotgal (salted seafood). There are a lot kind of kimchi with different vegetables, like Baechu kimchi, baek-kimchi, dongchimi, kkatdugi and many more.

  In Korea, kimchi is one of banchan(Korean side dish). We can eat kimchi without cooking it before or we can also combined kimchi with other food like kimchi stew ( kimchi jjigae), Kimchi pancake (Kimchijeon), kimchi soup (Kimchiguk) and kimchi fried rice ( kimchi bakkeum bap).

         2. Jjajangmyeon

                Jjajangmyeon is a Korean-Chinese food that use noodle as main ingridients. Jjajangmyeon also really famous around of K-Drama lovers because a lot of Korean Drama that show this food.

             Jjajangmyeon is made by noodle that combined with chunjang (black bean sauce), vegetables, pieces of meat (pork or beaf) and sometimes they use seafood. Jjajangmyeon is serve with pickled radish and before eating it, jjajangmyeon must be stirred well, so the chunjang will mix together with the noodles. 

         3. Ramyeon/Ramen

                One more delicious food in Korea is ramyeon/ramen. Same as jjajangmyeon, ramen also really famous show in K-Drama. Ramyeon is instant noodle from South Korea. Ramyeon is spicy and hot noodle soup, usually ramyeon is served in a pan and usually ramyeon is eat directly from the pan or using the pot lid. The way to cook ramyeon is same with the way to cook indomie in Indonesia but we can added kimchi, vegetables or eggs into ramyeon. The famous ramyeon in South Korea is Shin Ramyeon.

         4. Kimbap

                Kimbap is a Korean food that made by white rice (bap) and filled with pieces of fish or meat, eggs and vegetables that rolled with dried seaweed (gim) and then slice into a pieces. Usually vegetables that use in kimbap are cucumber, spinach, carrot and pickled radish (danmuji). For seasoning the white rice using salt and sesame oil.

                Kimbap is a food that really delicious easy to make, we can use variety vegetables or ingridients for kimbap filled. Kimbap is really populer as a food that we can take while we go to picnic, hiking, or others outdoor activities.

        5. Bimbimbap

                Bimbimbap is also Korean food that use rice as main ingridients. Bimbimbap has a meaning “ mix rice”. Its made by white rice and various kinds of side dishes, vegetables and chili sauce. 

                Bimbimbap is served in a bowl with the side dishes that arranged with interesting plating and usually the center is filled with yolk, we must mix all the ingridients together to eat bimbimbap. Hmmmm.... yummy

                Thats all guys ... be sure you taste the feeling of eating Korean Food.... see you in next post!!! J


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