Beautiful Pyeongchang-Dong Art

                                                          Pyeongchang-Dong Art District

                Still in South Korea, we will visiting one of best residental area, Pyeongchang-Dong Art District.

                Located on mountain shope, Mt.Bukhan Pyeongchang-dong, almost all of people that life here is an artist, politicus, businessman, there also diplomats and business executives. This place is Korean version of Beverly Hills.

                This place has the highest security. In this place the people that life here can get fresh air easily because the located is on a mountain.

                Pyeongchang-dong offer an ideal life condition, the parking area is not a problem because the widest place. Several of art gallery and museum is here. Include Gana Art and Lee Jong Young also a cafetaria and restaurant. 

                More than 100 painters and more than 400 writers and also artists life here. Its a beautiful place to life, for people who love art so much this is the best place to stay. We can get all artistic scenery here. Also find art gallery, museum, cafe and restaurant.


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