Top 5 K-Drama To You!!!

 K-Drama (Korean Drama) is television drama originally from South Korea. Almost of Korean Drama has sixteen episodes. Righ npw, Korean Drama really famous in the city all over the world not just in Asia but also all of the foreign people watch this kind of drama.

K-Drama has two genre, first genre is same like westren movie with short plot and usually has total 16 episodes. Usually the theme of this genre such us like triangle love story, bussiness relation, family, romance, horror and etc.
the second genre is about Korean history drama (Saeguk) that is a fiction drama about Korean history, usually this genre is more complex with costum, set and special effect that really complicated. Usually this genre theme is more about war between one province with the other, struggle for the throne and etc.

Below this, I will list five korean dramas that I reccommended to you:

     1. Descendants Of The Sun 

           Descendants Of The Sun (Taeyang-ui Huye) is a Korean Drama that starring, Song Joong Ki (Yoo Si Jin), Song Hye Kyo (Kang Mo Yeon), Jin Goo (Seo Dae Young) and Kim Ji Won (Yoon Myeong Ju). This drama really successfull not just in Korea but also in Asia with total 16+3(special episodes) episodes.
         This drama is about love story between Yoo Si Jin the special forces army that lead special team called "Alpha Team" with a doctor named Kang Mo Yeon, they meet for the first time at a hospital where Kang Mo Yeon's work. Not just love story between Kang Mo Yeon and Yoo Si Jin its also between Seo Dae Young, a sergeant major of Alpha Team with Yoon Myeong Ju a daughter of lieutenant generals of the army.
          For me, when I watch this story I really interest with the plot of this story. In this story we can find not just about romance but also about team work, friendship and also about fight and loyalty. This story not just make us laugh but also cry at the same time. This story really have great plot ever. Each episodes has really interesting part that make me feel want to watch again and again. We can see how love story between a soldier and a doctor that have different work and different principles in their life. Really interesting drama I've ever seen that's way I reccommended to you to watch this beautiful drama. Watch it soon.

   2. Full House

       Full House (pul-hauseu) is a korean drama 2004 starring Song Hye Kyo (Han Ji Eun) and Rain (Lee Young Jae). Full House has total 16 episodes.
       This drama tells about marriage contract between Han Ji Eun and Lee Young Jae. Han Ji Eun is a writer that never success publish her story while Young Jae is an actor. Han Ji Eun leave in a house that build by her father named "Full House".

       This drama really make me laugh a lot because the character of Han Ji Eun is really funny and stupid at the same time. What ever she does it really funny because she has to act like she’s really married with Lee Young Jae. It’s really different from other romance comedy genre. The comedy is really look natural and the plot was very interesting. You must watch it.

              3. Master’s Sun

             Master’s Sun (Jugun-ui Taeyang) is a Korean drama in 2013 that starring Gong Hyo Jin ( Tae Gong Shil) and So Ji Sub (Joo Jong Won), this drama has total 17 episodes.
              This drama tells about a girl with six sense named Tae Gong Shil. Someday she meet Joo Jong Won and they started to work together to finished all terror from supernatural world.
              This drama really fun and sometimes suspenseful and creppy, really interesting looking how Tae Gong Shil and Joo Jong Won find the solution to solve the problem of the supernatural world.
               This drama over you a complete package, You can find romance, comedy and also horror at the same time. Lets watch it!!!
    4. Gunman In Joseon

             Gunman In Joseon (Joseon Chongjabi) is 2014 Korean drama starring Lee Joon-gi, Nam Sang Mi, Jeon Hye Bin, Han Joo Wan and Yu Oh-Seong. This drama has totally 22 episodes with genre action, period drama, drama and romance.
            This drama taken 19th Joseon Dynasty. Park Yoon Kang is the son of Joseon 19th century great swordsman. His father was dead in tragic accident. He return with his mission to take a revenge and find the killer of his father. Park Yoon Kang gives up his sword and become a shooter.
             This is the first Saeguk drama that I watch. I really interested with the plot because the plot is not always take the kingdom situation but also outside the kingdom. Usually when I watch a drama with Saeguk genre, I feel really fast to get bored but this drama is catching my eyes and really nice Saeguk Drama to watch.

       5.   Empress Ki

                Empress Ki (Gi Hwanghu) is a Korean drama 2013 starring Ha Ji Won (Ki Seung Nyang), Ji Chang Wook ( Ta Hwan) and Joo Jin Mo (Wang Yoo). This drama has totally 51 episodes.
Empress Ki tells about the history of Yuan Dynasty. This drama has historical genre. The center of this drama is Ki Seung Nyang, she is a woman from Goryeo Dynasty that want to take a revenge from Yuan. She married with Yuan Emperor and be the Empress of Yuan Dynasty. This drama tells us about her love story and politic ambition between Goryeo and

                Although this drama has really long episodes but still interesting to find out how the end of this drama.  We can see the dirty politics that carried by Yuan Prime Minister in this story. We can also see a jealousy between the first Empress with Ki Seung Nyang. And also many mysterious plot in the drama. Of coursely be sure yo watch it!!!!


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