South Korea Conscription


                South Korea is one of country in the world that has conscription. Conscription is an obligation for citizen to follow it conscription is followed by all men with 18-35 aged who is physically and mentally prepared  to be a part of Korean Army. 

                The purpose of this conscription is to train basic military techniques until they are ready to help in case there are threat of invansion from other countries and military forces shortage.

                In South Korea the reason why they have conscription because the relation between South Korea with North Korea after Korean War. Conscription take around 2,3-2,5 years in the military camp.

                Before they joined the conscription, they have to passed the feasibility test to know the unit where they will be placed. There are 4 grades in conscription, the first grade is the highest grade (the Active Army). They can choose to followed the conscription as a Police, Active Army and Public Service Army ( Like Government employee (PNS) in Indonesia) still they have to passed the test. Especially in Public Service Army, they can joined the conscription as a Public Service Army just to them who are not possible to join the conscription as an Active Army. Usually because the accident like crash or etc. Before they joined the conscription, they will get training around 4 weeks or one month in the camp after that they will joined the conscription.

                Usually the man that will joined the conscription will get stressed a bit because they have to far from their family and as much as possible not to communicate with the outside world and just focus on their training at military camp. They have to leave temporarily their daily activity like work or school, for they who work and then joined the conscription, the government still will pay their salary although they not come to work and for the students who joined the conscription usually it will useful for them in the future.

                For they who didn’t joined the conscription will get punishment 3 years in a prison but there are some way to loose from conscription. They have to loose the nationality but not all of them can do it. Usually someone who born and life in a board have two nationality, they who still with their Korean nationality have to comeback to Korea to joined the conscription , but if they choose to not joined the conscription they have to loose their nationality.

                But, is not the end. Usually someone who choose to loose their Korean nationality will get difficulties in the future if he want to comeback to Korea. 

First, almost impossible to him to get his Korean nationality back. 

The second, if he want to start a career in Korea its a bit hard, he will get cultural pressure. Usually the citizen will look down to someone that didn’t join the conscription, because in South Korea , a men is not considered as a men if not joined the conscription.


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