Reccommended K-Pop Songs Part 2

If in my previous post, I have already share about K-Drama, now its time to share about K-Pop Songs....

Here we are the part 2 of Reccommended K-Pop

Don’t waste the time lets move!!!

             1. BTS – Spring Day (2016)

              First I heard this song, I felt in love with the rythym of this songs. In my opinion Big Hit Entertainment (BTS Agency) has success to make me felt in love with this song a lot. I never felt bored when I heard this song. Many of K-Pop songs that tells about love story, but Spring Day is a complete song because this song not just we can said to our love but to our friends too. This song tells about an anxious feeling when we must to wait for someone that we hope he/she can comeback. All I can say is, if you want to know more about this song, go check it soon!!!! 

          2. NCT Dream – My First And Last (2017)

                  The sweet voice come from one of rookie group, NCT Dream. My First And Last is tells abput how a boy feel when he felt in love for the first time. The lyrics also beautiful and the rythym also nice catching. We can hear an upbeat rythym when the song started, that will captured your ears. And also the beautiful voice from NCT Dream that will make you melted. Go hear sooooonnnnnnnn.....!!!.

          3. NCT 127 – Back 2 U (2017)

               This is the second unit of NCT. If already we have NCT Dream who has sweet voice. Now, we will meet with NCT 127 that more masculine. NCT 127 back with their album “Limitless” that include Back 2 U inside the album. The reason why I love this song when I heard it is the meaning of the lyrics. The song tells about a dissapointed feel to someone that we love, a really big dissapointed until they can’t back anymore. We can see by the lyrics “ I am Not Going Back to You “. The plus point is we can hear all members of NCT sing. The rap part also slow and easy catching.


        4. Kassy – Good Morning (2017)

                Being an OST for ‘Fight For My Way’, Kassy bring us feel the sadness with his song. Really I love this song much. Never make me bored to listen to this song. When i get up from my bed I listen to this song, same as bed time I also listen to this song. The rythym that make me felt in love with this song.  Nice combination between pop and ballad genre. Nice song!!!

        5. GD – Untitled 2014 (2017)

             Here we are one of my bias in Bigbang, GD or known as Kwon Ji Yong. He comeback with his album again. I never imagined that this song will be a ballad song, full ballad song. And this song is be a main track from GD’s album “Kwon Ji Yong”. Some people say that this song is a real feeling that GD feels. This song made by his own and the lyrics is has so deep meaning. With this song GD tells about how the feeling after we wasted our love and when we want to comeback we are realized that its late and we don’t have any chance to be together.


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