South Korea Shopping Centre


4 Famous Shopping Centre

                Visiting a country not complete if we not visit the shopping centre. There are 4 famous shopping centre, this 4 shopping centre is favourite and cheaper shopping centre for get a food and buy Korean souvenir.

                This 4 shopping centre has their own specialization. There is fashion store and cosmetic specialization with many restaurant and amusement park, there is souvenir specialization, wholesaler fashion store specialization and there is centre of Korean food and street food specialization.

HERE WE ARE ..... 4 populer shopping centre!!!

             1. Myeongdong

              Myeongdong is one of shopping centre and the main attractions district in Seoul. This place really famous around visitor as a place for shopping fashion centre. Many kind of fashion product that sell in Myeongdong from local product until branded like, Louis Vuitton, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Forever 21 and etc.

             Myeongdong is also a cosmetic centre place. We can find many cosmetics outlet in here, such as Etude, The Face Shop, Skin Food, Missha and Nature Republic. The price is really variation from middle- high price.

                In Myeongdong there also several department store like, Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Department Store, Migliore, M Plaza and Noon Square. For K-Pop lovers we can find kind of CD and Kpop merchandise here.

                Don’t forget a restaurant and caffee like, MCDonald and KFC and also the tourist attraction like bioskop and theater, from end of March- April in spring and on September when autumn in Myeongdong there’s a festival that show tourist attractions like, parade, fashion show, music show and dance show. We can also get discount product in this festival.

 2. Insadong

              Insadong is located in Jongno-gu district Seoul, South Korea. This place is really famous as a place to buy Korean traditional souvenir. In Insadong there a lot of tea house traditional for who want to enjoy the drink tea tradition in Korea.

            Insadong also populer as a place for food and street food. This place really famous with kkutarae and Jipangyi Ice cream. Not just it, Insadong also known with many antique stores and traditional stationery stores. Visiting Insadong will make us feel a traditional feel from South Korea.

       3. Namdaemun Market

              Namdaemun Market is the biggest and the oldest market and also a retail market in Seoul. Near from Namdaemun there’s ‘Great South Gate’ the main South gate to old city Seoul. Namdaemun is also populer in South Korea as a place for food and street food. Hotteok is really famous here. This place is a favourite place to buy souvenir that has cheaper price.

       4.  Dongdaemun Market

            Dongdaemun is the widest market. This place is really famous for shopping, there is traditional markets and department store. The market is divided into 5 shopping area, A,B,C,D and shopping centre city with 26 departement store and 30.000 stores with ther own specialization.

               In Dongdaemun, we can find many kind things, from clothes, shoes and leathers, kind of cloth and silk, tools, sport equipments until electronic good. Dongdaemun really famous for sundae and mandu. Dongdaemun is a wholesaler shopping centre but the product still up to date.


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