Korean Brand Fashion

                                                            Korean Brand Fashion 

                Korean its not just about music, drama, food, cosmetic and tourist attraction but also about fashion. There are some Brand Fashion that really famous in South Korea.

       1. 8Seconds

            Released on February 2012 by Cheil Industries (subsidiary company of Samsung), 8Seconds is build to be domestic competitors for foreign Brand Fashion like UNIQLO.

              2. WhoAU

              WhoAU or Who Are You. With Californian style that bright and enjoy “ West Coast”. Their collections still in basic item but with touch of beach accents make this product different from others product.

          3. SPAO

               SPAO offer you a simple clothes for men and women. With trendy style through the bright colours according seasons. Fourth floor of this store called amusement zone. Coorporate with SM Entertainment, sell pictures, poster and CD from Kpop Artist like BoA, SNSD and Super Junior.

                4. Codes Combine

              Codes Combine is a part of Yesin Apparel Group. Have a style that tough and strong. Almost all of the collections is black and grey,khaki and green army.

        5. Teenie Weenie

            This store is addressed for students. Teenie Weenie offer an appereance that look like high school students. Their collections mostly use teddy bear. The product that sell here include, Flanel Shirt, t-shirt, khaki pants, jeans, jacket and accessories like a wallet with teddy bear.

       6. MIXXO

             Offer a stylish product with affordable prices. MIXXO offer a stylish women clothes. The clothes that made here is made according with body shape of Korean women.


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